Just Let It Die...Hell No!

Some things you just don’t ever let die. For Southerners raised in the 1960’s we are still truly pissed about being attacked by the North back in the 1860’s. I’m serious too. 100 years wasn’t enough time to get over this. I don’t think kids today give it a second thought.

Second, I may never get over the thrill of victory I experienced just this year of seeing my Appalachian State Mountaineers beat Michigan at the big house. I will always cherish that moment.

Third, personally I keep the embers burning for my disgust of the bitch at Duggan’s Reef in St Croix. This could be such a wonderful place without her. The food is fantastic and the view is second to none. But her consistent rudeness overrides everything and ruins the whole experience. I will go back when she dies or leaves the island for good.

[another customer writes: Rated by J. Stumpf on 02/02/07 Without reservations, the host was not happy to see us and not very polite. He managed to find an empty table, a real miracle since only 4 other tables were occupied. Seated in plastic chairs/ table, drink orders came in 10 min. 20 min after getting drinks and no servie, we paid our drink bill at the bar and left. It's obvious the staff is overwhelmed with 4 occupied tables.With a snooty attitude, don't enter unless a politician,celebrity, or famous. You will be treated like a second class citizen. AVOID this place if you're even looking for a mediocre dining experience ! This place is surviving on a past history when professionals were in charge of the operation. Watch out for holes in the parking lot that are big enough to swallow you car. You'll have better luck eating at the local Subway and guranteed better service!]

Fourth, I once won an argument with Time Warner cable and got a letter of apology from them. That was golden.

And now, I think clerk 05 of the Midland, NC US Postal service now holds a special place in my heart. She alone may be the most irrational and stupid person that I have ever met that holds a job that required screening and training. Her sole purpose in her chosen field is to accurately move packages to other places, yet she along overrode my written and verbal instruction and sent my package to her destination of choice. My hat is off to you gal, you hold a place in the Reggie Hall of Fame. Your story of stupidly will be told to countless people who will stand still for it.


TerryC said...

I wish you would have put thought bubbles over the picture of you and Gigi at Duggans.

My imagination is killing me.... ;)!

TerryC said...

But "Last visit before the old bag dies" works, too!