Poor Babies...Stay Warm Down There

Part of the fun of being a full timer on the island of St Croix is the awareness of the tiny nuisances in weather change between seasons.

I would compare this to a well developed tasting ability where some claim not only to catch the fine flavors of wine such as berries, leather and tobacco, but they go even further to claim they can taste the minerals in the wine from the ground the grapes grew in.

I personally think this fine tuned tasting ability is hogwash.

I have digressed though.

My dear friends in St Croix called me last night from the live web cam to wish Gigi and I a happy Thanksgiving. I had turned off my cell phone in favor of watching Gigi and her mother have a mother/daughter discussion while I sipped on some good holiday wine.

In the message Michael and Terry made shivery sounds and said it was cold down there.

Bull hockey I say!

Please, examine exhibit 1 below of the annual average temperatures in St Croix. When I was there in September they claimed it was dreadfully hot. Folks, this is close to a flat line between winter and summer. Your seasonable differences are negligible.

Now look at exhibit 2 the annual average temperatures in Midland, NC, it looks like a freekin’ roller coaster with its peaks and valleys.

So, it was 72 this morning down there? Must be a cold snap. Up here we call that perfect room temperature.

Be careful not to let your nipples poke anyone in the eye.


Michael said...

Yeah, I think you're right... it was a cold snap last night. Its almost a balmy 83.3 right now, though out in the direct sun, I'd swear its ninety.

Hey Reg, I've been remiss with those pictures you requested. I did stop by the Greek and got a few shots inside. Everybody there complained because it was a mess and said I should have been there the week before when they were set up for yet another pre-opening party. Peter told me to come back the next day. last Saturday because they were going to paint the outside. Terry drove past and said, sure enough, looks like they're having a BBQ and painting party, there were about 50 people there getting ready to paint. But on Monday, it looked like maybe one person had taken a brush to wall for an hour or so. I guess they got involved with the BBQ and party and forgot to paint.

I'm stopping by there in an hour or so to meet Peter, Amanda and Carston, on my way to Jump Up. I'll take a few pics and show you what I mean.

TerryC said...

It's hard to type with frozen fingers and my eyes can't see straight because my teeth are chattering so hard in my head....

Oh woe!