I'm Always Mentally on Vacashun and Dis makes Some Folks Mad

Translated in Jive:

Dursday, Novemba' 15, 2007

Let da damn Good Times Roll

Gigi and ah' went t'Soudpo't, NC dree times in de past year. Ah be baaad... We had fo'gotsten how much we likesd da damn little coastal community. Slap mah fro!

De only place around t'accommodate our monsta' RV be an RV Park dat essentially caters t'full time RVers. Most uh dem do wo'k at da damn nearby nuclear plant. Man!

De couple dat runs de place keeps some tight ship. Jes hang loose, brud. De grounds is always well maintained and undesirables is not allowed.

On our last visit ah' ax'ed ha' to place us on some waitin' list so's dat we could park our unit waaay down dere and visit on de weekends. Today she called and said some slot gots'ta be jimmey fo' us in April uh 2008.

De mondly rate includes some concrete pad, power, booze and sewer, some picnic table and grounds keepin'. I’ll hook down de dish fo' TV and dig some local broadband connecshun.

So, we’ll gots some place at da damn beach until we decide oderwise.

We’ll plum hook down de RV when we wanna go t'oda' places likes Jekyll Island o' de mountains.


Michael said...

Postal Debacle Downdate, dig dis:

I tracked waaay down de folks at da damn General Post Office on To'tola who is responsible fo' internashunal mail. De dude wuz real supa fine and told me dat if some package addressed t'de US Virgin Islands arrived on TOrtola, dey would fo'ward it t'St. Man! Domas. So's I called da damn main post office on St. Man! Domas.

I rapped t'de supuh'viso' on duty in St. Man! Domas' Sugar Estate Post Office. She had t'be da damn supa finest, most helpful postal employee I've eva' had da damn pleasho' man uh dealin' wid. She told me some package arrivin' fum To'tola wid some St. Man! Croix address would be fo'warded on t'St. Man! Croix, dough it would probably go via Puerto Rico. 'S coo', bro. So, if de box ya' sent dun did go t'de BVIs, it would den go t'St. Man! Domas, den Puerto Rico, den here. And its entirely possible it would snatch mo'e dan two weeks t'complete dis circuit, since dere would probably be some delay at each stop as dey scratched deir haids tryin' t'figure out why it had mosey on down dat way in de fust place.

De pleasant postal supuh'viso' told me da damn honky chick who collects de mail fum To'tola wuz out until Monday, but she took mah' dojigger, address and rap rod number, said she's cut a haids down t'de oda' wo'ka' to keep an eye out fo' mah' package and would call me if it came drough (assumin' it hadn't already).

All in all, some very baaaad conversashun and I'm once again hopeful dat da damn package may actually still arrive.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

So'ry, I’ve been in Durham all day visitin' mah' moder. Ah be baaad... Dis be great news Michael. ah' hope da damn honky lady in To'tola kin find da damn package on Monday. Slap mah fro! Sounds likes yo' postal wo'ka' have some betta' grip on de issue dat dis honky lady here in Midland.