Bit by Bit

I bought some new U bolts in stainless last week to replace the rusted U bolts on my Jeep’s roof rack. Most likely nobody noticed the rusty bolts except me. Now they are all shiny and new looking.

Back in the spring I bought 4 newer Jeep wheels on Criag’s list. The wheels are stock upgrades on the newer Jeeps and they fit my Jeep. They look tons better than the old steel wheels that were on it.

It bothered me however that I only had four wheels and I didn’t have a matching spare. Normally this wouldn’t be a deal but on a Jeep you hang your spare tire prominently on the tailgate. It’s part of the Jeep thing.

Yesterday I found a single used wheel to match my set and got into a bidding war with two other Jeep enthusiasts. I won.

I can now mount a matching wheel and tire and remove the UNC wheel cover from the back of my Jeep. I have caught hell for that wheel cover.