RV Stuff

Yesterday I dropped off the Monster RV for a few modifications that will make summer camping even more of a joy.

First we decided to install a second air conditioning unit. The bedroom upstairs would get a bit stuffy in the 90’s and the slot was already prewired for another AC. Plus this new unit has a heat strip too and that will be nice on cool nights. Now we will never be too hot or cold.

Second, I got a 110 plug installed in the basement so I can hook up my little refrigerator and TV while I sit outside and enjoy nature. (Watch football and drink beer)

Third, I got the unit hard wired with a transfer switch for my generator. Now I can ride down the road burning more fuel while the generator keeps the coach precooled for my final entry. Or we can just camp in comfort where there is no electricity.

Lastly and most importantly I sprung for a new brake controller. The old one was a piece of crap I have learned after enjoying this new one. The rig stops with ease.


Unknown said...

That sounds great! I always tell people how nice your RV is. That thing is nicer than our condo! Maybe when ya'll visit we'll stay in the RV and you can have our place! ha ha

TerryC said...