I'm Island Sick

I had the most amazing adventure when I was in St Croix back in September. The adventure keeps playing over and over in my mind.

The adventure was the day I went snorkeling on the far side of Buck Island.

I remember riding in Michael and Terry’s green French fry oil burning machine to the St Croix Yacht club. That truck is so cool.

I remember unloading the truck and dragging out the boat.

I remember leaving my flip flops on the pier and being assured they would be there when I came back.

I remember laughing at the mobility and sea worthiness of their boat. It rolled over the waves and Michael was a great navigator.

I remember seeing a sunken sailboat just under the surface. I meant to dive that but I was exhausted by the time we past that way again.

I remember tacking to the cut in the reef, then approaching the east end of the island.

I remember tying off the boat and having a beer before we dove. The sun was bright and my sunglasses were covered in salt spray. The water was crystal clear and blue. We laughed in the boat and made fun conversation.

I remember Terry plunging into the water and I followed her only to see a grouper greeting us both.

Then my memory goes into an hour or two blur of chasing sea turtles, fish, squid, and looking around for Michael and Terry.

Eventually we went into very deep and very beautiful water. The experience taxed my senses.

I remember looking up and not seeing the boat, and for a moment I panicked. I was in the ocean and I did not have a life jacket or any way to be quickly rescued if I got in trouble. I quickly overcame this sensation and relied on my swimming abilities.

I remember diving underwater and thinking how I would be out of breath when I surfaced. It was worth every dive though.

I mostly swam with my legs and flippers. I have very strong legs. I would get tired when I swam freestyle but was amazed how fast I could go and how invigorating the exercise was.

I remember seeing the same grouper when I came back to the boat.

Lastly, just as Terry promised, my flip flops were still on the pier.

It was a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you're allowed to post this kind of thing because it's contagious. I'm feeling a little island sick myself (even though I've never been there!)

TerryC said...

It was fun out there! And it was really cool seeing that nurse shark sleeping at the base of the coral formation when Michael led us outside the reef!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh I could do that again. It was so fun and a bit unnerving all at once.