Watch Out My Cruzan Friends

If I wasn’t obsessed enough with the island of St Croix I’ve found more fuel to add to my passion.

Today I discovered two new live web cams to spy on the island. I have a total of five now.

I see one new cam is starring directly at Buck Island. It must be hosted at the St Croix Yacht club. The other cam is a North Shore view, maybe from a hilltop in Shoys. I can’t quite detect where.

Then there is a cam I found a few weeks ago that has to be near the St Croix Marina and it looks back at the historic fort.

All of these cams are good mainly for their beauty and monitoring weather conditions, but none can beat the interaction of the harbor cam.

To make matters worse, I record these cams with a program called web cam watcher so I can compress the action into a quick video. Oh my obsession will get the best of me one day.


Michael said...


Good Score Reg.

These are hosted by the newspaper the Daily News I guess. If not, they should be giving some credit.

I'd say thee Buck Island one is from a little more West than the Yacht Club, probably around Cotton Valley. Terry thinks the North Shore one is also farther east, you can see too much of the coastline to be from Shoys, but hard to tell, its got salt spray or something on the lense, so pretty fuzzy. The Fort shot looks like its from could almost be from a boat, but maybe from the far west edge of Protestant Cay (Hotel on the Cay).

TerryC said...

Michael meant I thought the north shore one was farther west. Neither of us are 100% this morning since we were out 'til 3am at the Israel Vibration concert.

Those guys are incredible! I'm really glad we went, because we don't get that much big name reggae here and you never know when an artist is going to keel over or get killed. We're fortunate we got to see Lucky Dube this year in Tortola, since he was recently killed in South Africa :(.

Michael said...

Oops. Better think twice before assigning Mr. Scruffy any navigational duties.