Internet Blues

I woke up this morning and staggered into the kitchen to make my coffee.

I could hear my laptop in the other room gasping for Internet packets and bytes. We must have an Internet outage I thought. The telltale noise of the failed mail pop connection told the story.

I don’t handle life without broadband very well. No email, no news, no blogs, no Craig’s List. I could feel my body wanting to give up and curl in the fetal position.

I fought my urges and picked up the phone and called Time Warner Cable to see what was wrong.

First I must say that I truly hate Time Warner. The feud goes back too far to pinpoint, but just suffice it to say I would use anyone else for broadband if I could. I tried DSL once and I could never connect so I stick with Time Warner.

Actually Time Warner’s service has gotten better over the years and I can feel my cold icy stance melting a bit. It makes me feel awkward to lighten my hatred, like pulling for the Dallas Cowboys. It ain’t right.

I discovered that Time Warner had a new interface when I called. This nice computer man walked me through a few steps and told me that service was down in my area and it should be restored in 90 minutes. Further I didn’t need to talk to anyone.

This made me mad. Oh you cocky computer, you. I told him that I wanted to speak to a person and he connected me with Carl.

Poor Carl stuck on the morning shift. He’s been there a while too, I remember. Carl certainly isn’t an overachiever having been stuck at this same position and time slot for several years.

Anyway Carl told me that this was a planned outage and I should be up and running by 7 AM.

Oops! I can feel my body bowing up now. Hurry Time Warner. Hurry!


Anonymous said...

They didn't even warn you of this planned outage. Now there is good customer service!!!

Michael said...

A cure for the internet blues.

The Eagle has landed.

Yesterday, I received this yellow slip in my PO Box.

Postal Package Slip

And this morning I collected this package from my friendly neighborhood postal clerk.

The Missing Box

There is no indication that the box traveled through the British Virgin Islands, no foreign-looking stamps or labels. However, it took exactly three weeks to get here, an average time for parcel post, but had more postage than required for Overnight Express (which usually takes two days to get down to us). So if you haven't gotten any refund from the Post Office yet, I'd say you're entitled to at least $64.49. The difference between what you paid and the parcel post rate for this package.

This doesn't include all the pain, suffering and hand wringing that accompanied the long torturous wait. I think a jury of our peers would award us a large settlement, but I'm not sure its worth the trouble.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh this is wonderful…church bells are ringing now throughout the city in rejoice.

I just printed the picture and will visit my clerk number 05 soon.

I put some fresh goodies in the package along with some baby chicks. Please check on them.

I hope now that the little children can get their school bus running.

Chris said...

I thought that shirt was a perfect fit for the caption. I'm sad for the Panthers too.
I think they should trade Steve Smith to Denver.;)

P.S. Did you know Ali is a Dallas fan?

P.P.S. Tony Romo was thiiissss close to signing with the Bombers.