A Couple of Things That Bug Me

If I offer to prepare someone a portion of what I am about to eat and they make a face like I just offered them a mug of monkey snot.

Gigi is bad about this. “Honey, I’m going to make some oatmeal. Do you want some?”

She makes a monkey snot face.

Okay then, I’ll pass too.

Or if some one asks about a dress code when all the while they are fishing for the minimally acceptable clothing they can possibly wear and not be embarrassed, thrown out, or embarrass me.

This question comes into play at our private club. We have dress code standards but they are loose compared to most private clubs.

Everyone acts like they want to wear cut off jeans and a halter top because they cannot wear them there.

I can recite this in my sleep, “Nice pants, no jeans, a collared shirt, no tee shirt, and a jacket in the main dining room. Same on the golf course, but no jacket. No swimsuits in the club, only by the pool. If you must, you can wear jeans in the lounge, but do jeans look good on you after 50? No cell phone in the main dining room.”

Oh you would think I have made up these rules and it involved rubbing hot tar on their bare skin.

What is wrong with dressing nice once in a while? I didn’t say a word about anything semi or formal. Just dress like you want the world to see you at these minimum standards.

Geez! I’m no Esquire dandy boy myself.

Addendum: This picture reminds me when I was a kid visiting the local zoo. I love monkeys (except flying monkeys on The Wizard of Oz). They had a few capuchin monkeys in a cage with a sign, “Do not sick your fingers in the cage, the monkeys bite.”

I stuck my finger in the cage and the monkey bit the shit out of me and wouldn’t let go. I was too proud to scream so I just silently suffered in pain until the little bastard let go.


Anonymous said...

What's even worse is when you've cooked something you love and offer to share and you're met with the wrinkly nose, "oh yuck" response. I think that's so rude! A simple "no thanks" would suffice!

Ali said...

I am terrible for making the monkey snot face. I probably do it on a daily basis.
I'm especially bad for it when someone in the office brings tuna for lunch - I can't help it, it grosses me out.

TerryC said...

I can just picture Gigi's face, too. Priceless!!