Crisp...I've Got Your Crisp

When I’m on the phone and say, “I need to run,” I mean it. Especially if we are in a social call and I am working.

I was on a business call this morning that essentially had concluded and the guy kept blubbering on. My incoming caller ID told me another line was lined up that I needed to take. I told the poor idiot and he continued to talk. I hung up on him and missed the second call.

I guess I’m grouchy. It is “crisp” outside and I strongly dislike “crisp” unless it is anything cooked. But I’m not griping about winter…I promised.

A damn Dorito is crisp, not the weather.


Anonymous said...

Ever notice how when people want to get off the phone they take their voice up a few octives? Check it out and are if you notice it