Oh the Humanity, Dandy Fellows!

They got me last night…Dancing with the Stars that is.

So far I have happily avoided this show. I don’t much like to watch good dancers dance, much less amateurs dance.

You see my mother in law is in town for the holiday. This explains why some local animals are turning in circles. Animal have a 5th sense you know.

Any way, last night she runs in and hijacks the TV and commands me to turn on channel whatever. There it was, a bunch of dandy fellows tap dancing all Nancy boy like with matching costumes. It reminded me of the Milton Burl show, Ed Sullivan, Lawrence Welk and the spoof dance number on Blazing Saddles all rolled into one.

I shivered at the waste of humanity.

She was memorized.

I went to bed.


mr zig said...

aww common - admit it, you watched the whole thing - didn't you? hehehe - jk -

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No way. I just don't like that stuff, call me uncultured but don't call me to the TV to watch that crap.

Heck, Gigi is watching it again on Tivo right now.

Unknown said...

You are aware that your sister and brother in law are huge fans right?!

I don't get it either.

Ali said...

LOL - oh man, you are one funny guy! Animals turning in circles and tap dancing nancy boys - thanks for the laugh!

Michael said...

Oh the Horror! The trauma of it all seems to have knocked your spill cheek outta whack. You're gonna have to have that thing tuned again.