Happy 2007

We made it home very alive and well. Gigi is starting to gradually improve some. Haley jumped up in the bed this morning and sniffed her face just to check for signs of life. We always figured Haley would be the first to eat us if we died and this supports our theory.

Now it’s time to unpack, clean up and store away Christmas stuff. We left things as they were the day after Christmas so we need to deal with all holiday stuff today.

We had a great time in Alabama. Aunt Barbara is a food genius. She can whip together good, large meals in no time, feed a big crowd, and break it down in no time. By day three you begin to see a montage of leftovers presented in the most appealing way. She does not waste a morsel.

Now it is time to face reality. No more bacon for breakfast, no more snacking out of tins, and no more sitting on the sofa watching football. Back to the gym and back to work tomorrow.