The Call

It is a small world. We just got off the phone with Zig and Ali. We were standing on a giant cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. They were in their office in Winnipeg.

Judy said she felt shy and bashful talking to Ali. Gigi has never met a stranger so she talked away. I loved to hear their voices.

I asked Ali who had the strongest Southern accent. Without hesitation Ali said it was Gigi.

I congratulated Zig on Alyssa’s pregnancy and checked on the welfare of Diesel.

It was so good to hear them. I feel like they are family.


Michael said...

Hey, it is a small world... looks like you were calling from the same little bluff where Terry and I got married, Grassy Point.

Anonymous said...

You were calling from "Grassy Point". That's where Michael and I got married at 6:30 am in the presence of around 100 people on December 1, 2005. It was awesom, as you can imagine!

Ali said...

I was so happy to hear from you guys! Zig and I sat and chatted about how amazing you all are for about 15 minutes after we got off the phone.
My mind is made up - one way or another we will have to meet you all - I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Ali, it was great to talk to you today. I know I said it when we talked but I really feel that I know you and Zig and Alyssa. I read your blogs just about every day along with Reggie's. I even know my own brother better by reading his. People are so much alike where ever we are or what time in our life we are in. We all think and feel very similiar ways.

mr. thiessen said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the call today! it was great to hear from you guys... It sounds like your vacation is SOOOOO nice! - And yeah, I'm with Ali - one way or another we will definitely have to meet!

Anonymous said...

Okay,Ali,Zig & Alyssa,It was so GREAT to actually talk to Ali & hear your voice; It makes me feel so 'close' to ya'll! I was dead serious about renting the house down here! You all just get yourselves to St Croix USVI & we'll take care of the big house overlooking the unbelievable views & private pool!Or come down to Charlotte & stay at or guest house...more fun in STX I think!

Amos said...

Way cool y'all got to talk to each other. I can see Ali jumping up and down for hours with that call.

Is it just me, or does the sky behind Gigi look massive. There is just something about open water that makes the blue sky bigger. Looks heavenly.