Size Doesn't Matter

I’m finding that size doesn’t matter…. at least when it comes to Jeep Parts.

Last week I ordered what must be a hundred pounds of parts including two front seats and a back seat. The stuff is shipping UPS to my door, and the shipping charge is less than $50. Why is that?

I mean a darn seat is about $135 and must weigh 29 pounds, not to mention it is bulky. I think $50 is a darn deal. There are times when I am too lazy to drive across town. Next time I’ll just get it shipped UPS ground.

Then I look to order a little bitty interior door handle. They want $35 just for that and $15 shipping. Why is that? That’s not fair. Four three times that amount I could have a big old seat…..but I don’t need another seat. I need a door handle.