This is the first in a series about our friends on St Croix.

Oh my gosh….what to say about our new friend Peter. We met Peter through Terry and Michael on our last trip to St Croix.

You know how you are overwhelmed with sensory perceptions when you jump into a pool? This is the feeling you get when Peter walks up. This guy is an adrenalin rush with a capital AR. He’s like a big dose of fresh air with a fart. It feels good but something is amiss.

We first spent time with Peter during the super bowl.

Peter keeps a drink in your hand but has no money. Peter keeps you laughing and smiling. Peter is 50 and has the energy of a 4 year old.

Peter treats you like an old friend right after you meet him. He is about as laid back as an AC/DC concert.

I am glad to know Peter. I miss ya man.


Terri said...

It may be the fact that I have just had a couple of beers, but this is the funniest thing I've read in a long, long time: "He’s like a big dose of fresh air with a fart. It feels good but something is amiss." I literally laughed out loud. So loud in fact, I had to explain why to my daughter!

Peach Pod said...

So, when are you moving to St. Croix? I'm pretty sure that you can take the dogs, cats and bird with you but the horses might be a problem.

Anonymous said...

Reggie, you muddah skunt, me n'affe know wha' you say 'bout me have no money, me son. Me faht in de breeze smell like frangipani, you know.

You an' Gigi be fo'eveh sa'afe wit' me, tru dat.

How dat for ah southern accent, me son?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Peter…let me clarify…. You have the ability to make things happen without openly flashing any currency. I didn’t mean to imply you didn’t have money. My apologies sir.

The first instance of not using money to get goods was the Super Bowl at big Al’s where you bought a round of Drinks and I swear I didn’t see you exchange any money.

The second time was on the ship when you bought a round by snatching white drink cards. Again, no money was exchanged.

Third was at Jump Up down on the board walk where you bought drinks but I did’t see any money change hands.

In retrospect, I think I owe you a few drinks, and how do you do this?

I better shut up now or I may be banned from the island.

Anonymous said...

We LOVED the stuff about "Peetah", as we call him much of the time. And we totally agree with your sentiments. We are always amazed at how he pulls things off without trying. Living with no visible means of support...He was thrilled to be blogged about!! And he meant his comments "in the kindest sort of way", bless his heart.
Also, in response to Peach Pod, there's a lot of land right by us with space for horses (or hoss dem).

Anonymous said...

hey reggie! I'm nikki- Petah is my faddah!(i'm his daughter) He's a wild one isn't he?!?! NEVER a dull moment. what you said about him is CLASSIC!! i can't wait for my sister to read it. hope to meet yall one day. i miss my island family...don't yall?
p.s. dad says he sent you a message about the rum cream story...he hopes that you got it.