The Little Red Jeep

I finally got my little red jeep. It is a 1989 Jeep Wrangler with 244, 800 miles on the odometer. The current engine has 64,000 on it.

This jeep is bare bones. No carpet, no air conditioning, and a radio that you can’t hear because of engine and road noise. You can remove the windows, the doors, and the roof or just about anything to make your ride unique.

Gigi, Cedie and I took our first drive in the jeep yesterday afternoon. Cedie eagerly jumped in with her toenails sliding on the metal floor. She was so excited.

This vehicle has a 4 cylinder engine that is geared high. This makes for excessive engine noise. It is not loud by any means, just noisy. Mix this with the wind rushing, the canvas roof flapping, and the street noise coming up through the drain holes in the floorboard and you have one invigorating ride.

We were about a mile under way and I turned to Gigi and we both smiled. “This is fun”, I screamed.

Gigi commented that she felt like we were flying a WWII bomber. All the gauges are the old round analog types that are dimly lit, and fluctuate wildly when you start the engine.

The passenger side seat is broken and has a 2X4 behind the back to keep it upright.

Yesterday I began the process of renewing the interior. I don’t plan to classically restore this jeep or upgrade the jeep. What I am going to do is replace parts that are warn, broken, or cosmetically in need of replacement. So I ordered new seats, a new steering wheel, new visors, a console, and a few minor accessories.

I am going to see what it would cost to get the entire interior sprayed with Rino lining. This would go a long way in dressing up the interior while keeping the bare bones look.

It’s strange that we drive yet another old vehicle. I can afford about any car I desire. Our current fleet is a 2000 F350 Ford Pickup which I drive, and a 1987 4Runner that is Gigi’s. Now we own the 1989 Jeep. We haven’t owned a car in decades. People think we are crazy but cars just don’t do it for us.


Peach Pod said...

I know what you mean about cars not doing it for you. I see new BMW, Jags and so on and appreciate their beauty, but don't want to spend the money to own one of those. If I did, I would totally buy second hand. Nope, I'll keep driving cars for 10+ years each and then buy something that runs well and is easy to maintain. I already plan to go back to a Ford Explorer when its time to retire Big Red. I do have to admit to really wanting a hybrid, but the hybrid Explorer costs $10,000 more than the gas engine.

Amos said...

After years of car payments, which are now almost completed, I think the best kind of car is the one that is PAID FOR. You get more joy out of that then writing a check to someone else every month. We had one remaining little car payment and after that it is cash on the barrel baby! Your Jeep sounds like a blast, I can just picture you saying it was a blast.