New Things I have Discovered

No matter how old you get there is always time to learn new things. This morning I have come to the realization that you really don’t need shoes. Flip flops maybe, at a formal occasion, but bare feet rule. Consider moving to a warmer climate if you cannot practice this at home.

The second this is……gather around the computer because this is very important….Cruzan Rum Cream. Add just a splash of cocoanut rum and pour the concoction over ice. It is far better than Baileys Irish Cream, but I am not finished.

I sidetrack for a moment. Here in St. Croix it is very common to stop at any gas station and find the most wonderful homemade baked goods. Cakes, pies and brownies are all cut into generous portions and wrapped tightly in plastic wrap.

Yesterday we picked up a variety of these goodies just to have around for our pleasure. One item was a brownie that was of such high standards that I doubt anyone of you reading will ever be able to sample its pleasure. The brownie was dense, not too sweet, and had the most delicious chocolate flavor imaginable. It was flawless, trust me. You could use this brownie as currency.

My sister Judy first cut a small sliver from the brownie brick and tasted it. She immediately used her best yummy sounds only reserved for this finest of foods. Gigi and I took note and asked for a sliver.

Next…..quite by accident, we all sipped the cream rum with the brownie. The skies opened up, and angelic music was heard around the room.

This was a news pleasure for us all. We all woke up unashamed this morning in the light of day talking about our experience.

Judy has already checked on the condition of the brownie. The brick is still there. The rum is still there. I can’t wait to do it again tonight.


Logzie said...

"You could use this brownie as currency"...Loved that comment!