People, Please

I have a peeve that I need to air.

Pedestrians have some responsibilities when they choose to mingle bi-peddlely with motor vehicle people.

I realize it is frowned upon and illegal in some areas to run down pedestrians, so I try to live and let live.

When I cross a street, I am careful and courteous enough to cross the street at the two shortest points possible, making the street available for cars as soon as humanly possible. After all, the street was made for cars, not people.

Yesterday an old fellow was waiting to cross the street; actually it was in front of Wal-Mart parking lot. Being the courteous gentleman that I am, I yielded to let the old fellow cross. He smiled and started slowly walking. I was feeking good about myself. Then the old man changed course, and started the dreaded diagonal cross, thereby taking up my road for a longer time than I had intended. He was clearly taking advantage of my good nature.

To make matters worse, he turned and looked back at me several times to make sure I hadn’t changed my mind and to run him down instead. Oh I was tempted.

To further complicate the matter, the old fellow then sets the screen where others take advantage of me. Suddenly all sorts of people are crossing in front of me in all sorts of diagonal paths. It is the street version of the pick and roll. I am helpless to move on unless I want to make the evening news.


mr zig said...

I know how you feel... in cases like that I've just started driving... when people take advantage of my niceness... people will suddenly move very quickly when they realize I'm starting to accelerate towards them. I especially do this to those pesky teens that seem to travel in packs....

Logzie said...

Oh YES, the dreaded DIAGONAL cross! I share your exact same emotions on this one Reggie! It's just plain rude!