More Island Characters

This is a small island, so I usually bump into the same folks year after year. When I run into someone, I’ll stop and talk for a few moments, simply picking up the conversation where we left off last time.

First, I ran into Charlie. I met Charlie 5 years ago and have seen him on every trip here since. Charlie does property management here and the story about him is he is from a wealthy Boston family. Charlie has a huge white mustache and a friendly way about him. I saw him Tuesday eating a piece of coconut cake at one of the many places that sell home cooked baked goods.

Then there is Richard. Richard haunts the downtown area of Christiansted. I have seen and talked to Richard every visit but one. That time, he was in Florida on a drug rehab. Richard first recommended my favorite restaurant in St Croix, which is Bacchus. I am forever in debt to Richard for this. I always have a $5 bill for Richard and he thanks me and we talk briefly. He doesn’t ever remember me, but he is happy to find out I know him. Richard is homeless but is never cold at night. He is always friendly.

Then there is Joni. I met Joni a few years ago. She is a friend of Margaret. Joni was sitting at the top of the hill the other day and asked me for a ride. We smiled at each other when we realized we knew each other. She immediately told me that Margaret was looking for me. Then she asked how Gigi was.

All of these people make me feel at home here.