Me, A Mechanic?

I spent Saturday washing, cleaning and waxing my new/old red jeep. Surprisingly the wax took to the paint well. It was a brilliant red by the end of the day.

The canvas top is new so a good scrubbing made it look good again. I touched up the back bumper with spray on flat black paint.

Next week my new seats, seat belts steering wheel and mirrors should arrive. All this stuff is supposed to be easy to install. I hope so, because I am not mechanically inclined. I admire people who are mechanical. I just don’t have the patience.

Hopefully this new stuff will take out the engine oil smells that reek in the fabrics.

I see online where I can put new white gauge covers over the old gauges. That would be nice. The old gauges are dark and a few need new lights.

There are a million things online for Jeeps. Gigi is already rolling her eyes.

The radio on this jeeps works, but only one out of two in dash speakers works. I headed to Circuit City to what a set of speakers would run installed. I am not a huge music fan but still listen to some music and a lot of talk radio on the AM dial. I figured a decent radio and speaker system would be enough for me. I am not into the jaw rattling systems so many young Jeepsters have.

I started talking the salesman and told him what vehicle I had. He started squirming and suggested I install the speakers myself. I come to find out that it is near impossible to get to these old speakers. Installing the speakers would cost twice as much as the speakers themselves. Plus, it takes four hours of labor at a minimum. He suggested I wait for Shawn to return tomorrow and maybe he could do the installation.

So I rode home with one speaker buzzing and the other working one sounding like crap. No wonder this jeep still has factory speakers.

Yeah, I could see me trying to install those speakers. I would look like a monkey with a math problem.