Zig, Ali, Wooden Dinosaur, and Alyssa

I was having dinner this evening with Judy, Tom, Terry, Michael Gigi and me when the subject of other blogs came up.

Let it be known that your lives are read about regularly here in the Caribbean. Others were mentioned too. Our table sounded for a moment like a bunch of hens talking about a soap opera.

To all my blogger buddies…. know that you are loved and read by strangers who are interested in your lives.


Ali said...

Oh, I love you guys too! Is it nerdy that I'm excited that you guys brought us up on your vacation?
Call us at work tomorrow - I was so excited to hear your message today that I made Zig promise that if you called again he would yell at me to get me in his office so I can talk too!

Michael said...

Reg, you are definitely a gemini, since you were dining with all of us, and yourself. But wait, I'm a gemini too... so it was you, me, Gigi, Terry, Judy, Tom, me and you! All eight of us at a six-top!

mr zig said...

So THAT is why my ears were ringing today! - hah! - Glad to hear we were part of your conversation way down there in the warm air - Awww - what I would give for warm air right about now!

Logzie said...

WOW! I think that is GREAT! This is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!

(still don't understand while anyone would want to read my little ole' blog...but OK):0)

Ali Kat said...

I knew it! Told you you'd all stop reading my blog!! I miss it (and all of you), but hoping to write something today!