I Almost Digested Myself and Lived to Tell About It

What did we do before Prilosec? I would rob banks to get this stuff if I couldn’t afford it.

You see, I was blessed with the natural ability to digest my own body. Before Prilosec, I would toss antacids at the raging inferno that dwelled in my stomach, only to temporarily keep the monster at bay. I never extinguished the fire for any extended time.

Honest to goodness I would feel the pain all the way to my ears when I slept. Then it got to the point where I had difficulty swallowing because I had cooked my own innards.

My father had this same problem and dealt with it all his life.

Finally one day Gigi brought home this amazing concoction and my digestive life has been normal since.

Thank you, Prilosec.


Anonymous said...

You need to drink more water to dilute those digestive acids.
Wow! What a description! I guess I have many more things to be thankful for after reading that. I actually am consciously grateful every day for where I live, the people in my life, and my health (in no particular order). A votre sante!

Amos said...

Well that is good that you found something. My oldest brother, he's 53, (did I mention I'm the youngest of 11?) he had to have some surgery thingy to wrap something around his stomach or something. It was gross that is all I know. Prilosec is much better and easier.