There Are No Good Canadian Restaurants Here

I was riding home yesterday and I got to thinking about various ethnic foods. Here in Charlotte you can get most anything you want. We have soul food (southern food), Asian food, Mexican food, Brazilian food, Indian food, Caribbean food, Cuban food, Irish pub grub, English pub grub, German food, Southwestern US food, Chicago food, and the list goes on and on.

One thing we do not have here is Canadian food. Is there uniquely Canadian food?

I did a Google on Canadian food and the first entry was like an online store claiming to offer genuine Canadian food. Most of the stuff they had is the same stuff in my pantry.

I can prepare dozens of uniquely southern meals. Most are delicious but not at all healthy by today’s standards.

Is there a uniquely Canadian cuisine out there?


Anonymous said...

Tourtière (meat pie) is a traditional french canadian well as split pea soup!

mr zig said...

Poutine is worth a try... also a very typical French/Canadian "fast food" item. It is basically french fries covered in cheese and gravy - And it is a real canadian invention...

Also, just so ya know, A&W got its menu from the first canadian location - which was actually in Winnipeg. - So everytime you eat at A&W you are eating a Canadian Standardized menu.
*yes, A&W started as an American company, but that was the beverage company - the food you now know, and the theme song and the mascot - all Canadian* :)mmmm I want a burger now.

Ali said...

Hmmm, poutine...gahhhh, my mouth is watering. I love poutine.
And Tim Horton's coffee - not that it's really a traditional "food" per se - but it IS Canadian, and it IS awesome!

Princess of the Universe said...

Most "Canadian" food is either french (above-mentioned tourtiere & poutine) or aboriginal (bannok) or some other ethnic delicacy.

Those of us here in Winnipeg have a big ukranian population, so perogies, cabbage rolls and kielbasa abound!

I honestly don't know if there is anything strictly Canadian like you guys have the hotdog & apple pie...

Maybe Canadian bacon?