The Roseway Eye Candy

Remember the Schooner trip Terry and Michael planned a few weeks ago? We took that trip yesterday under a warm Caribbean sky and Tidy Bowl blue water.

The Roseway is a beautiful wooden sailing ship built in 1925. To the ladies amazement it was staffed with an equally beautiful crew of young stud muffins and pretty young ladies.

Judy and Gigi never even saw the water or the distant vistas. Their eyes stayed glued on the handsome hunks on deck.


Anonymous said...

Tidy Bowl Blue?? How romantic! I prefer to call it "the most amazing shades of blue from light turquoise to deep royal and every beautiful blue in between", but that's not very succint especially if you're speed blogging.

P.S. The stud muffins were all out at Club 54 dancing to Kurt Schindler after you left Jump Up. They looked pretty good dancing too!