Stalking and Taunting

Darn it, I was caught!

If you chum the water enough Zig, a big old fish will eventually bite. I did.

I swear I’m not stalking, but I think you and Ali are taunting.

I just glance in once in a while to see if you are having more fun than me. I swear!


Ali said...

LOL - oh Reggie, I love the fact that you check in, and it's fun to leave you little notes to say hi and tease you.
I sometimes check in when Zig and Alyssa are at home, and I check in on you at work once a day too - so if you're a stalker then I guess that makes me one too!
Next time Zig brings his webcam in I'll make him turn it so you can see him, and sometimes me - working very hard of course.