A Long Day

Where do I start? The last 24 hours have seemed like a week, a very fun week at that.

We had a pleasant flight down. We are blessed to have a nonstop flight from Charlotte to St Croix. By the time you watch a movie, eat a crappy meal and pee, ding, you are about there.

When we landed they announced the local time and temperature and the plane burst into applause. 85 degrees in February is a treat. Okay a few folks clapped.

So Gigi and I are leaving the plane and walking across the tarmac when I suggested we look for our friends Eugene and Sharon in the departure gate. They are friend from Charlotte and they are in the process of moving to St Croix. I knew they were going back to Charlotte on the plane we just left. Sure enough they were standing up next to the glass waving to us. It was strange to travel 1800 miles and we were separated by a pane of glass. We all just waved and laughed at each other.

Then as we approached the front we were greeted by an entourage of friends with signs saying, “Hunnicutt for President and Welcome Hunnicutt Entourage“. There stood Terry, Michael, Goliath and several other folks holding signs and laughing at our wide open mouths.

We hugged and laughed. Terry had prepared a basket of goodies for us that included St Croix Carrots (Cheetos) and a cooler full of adult beverages. Thank you so much guys.

Goliath was nice to me this time.

The afternoon and evening included Dinner at Cheeseburgers and relaxing by the pool.

Sunday was another beautiful warm day. We sat by the pool for a while and headed to Brunch at the marina. Come hungry but don’t expect fast service at the Golden Rail CafĂ©. The food is always good but the service is always slow. That was okay. I ate a seafood omelet with lobster, scrimp, and fish.

Then we went to Schooner Bay Grocery to shop for supplies and some adult beverages. It is always fun to shop there. The variety is good but quantities are limited.

Then we went back to the house and more soaking up the sun by the pool.

Tom and I decided to take a shot at snorkeling in the afternoon. I remember this cool place Terry showed us last May. Before long were hovering over reefs with all kinds of fish and wildlife. 2 hours later we drug our tired bodies back to the house for lunch by the pool.

A very quick nap and I was awaked by the Internet person that had come to fix my connection.

It seems that St Croix is the resting place or connection point for a giant cable that connects North America to South America. Some how this involves a microwave tower and this guy tapped into the tower. He then beams Internet around the island for a monthly fee. My router needed reprogramming and then I was able to get connected back to the world.

Now you can watch the webcam on the sidebar.

The phone still doesn’t work at the house and you have to climb a hill for the cell to work.

That afternoon we showered and got ready for the super bowl. A large screen TV was set up at the outdoor bar at the Divi. We all went down and met Terry Michael, Goliath and friends to watch the game. We laughed at the commercials and enjoyed the game.

Just before half time we drove down the beach to a friend’s house. These guys operate several local restaurants. These folks whipped up a fantastic meal for us. We ate outside and continued our merriment.

We returned to the game, and then went home afterwards. What a long day. What a fun day.


Anonymous said...

Okey,Dokey Guys & Gals...now the WHOLE story!!! We met 2 funny,neat friends of Terry's,Michael's & Goliath's @ the SB party,Peter & Brad (who is from CLT;go figure LOL) Well Peter being a complete FUN nut said We were all invited to Leslie's for Dinner & to watch SB & it was just a 1/4 mile away(which was true). So Brad,from CLT who is about 23 & had come to St Croix on vacation w/his parents went back to CLT got his all his stuff & came back to St Croix to live, is now storing most of his belongings in the back of Peter's SUV(now Peter have I mentioned is a complete NUT! But the fun kind;he speaks 'Islandly' dialeck most of the time @ is a young 50yr old that owns 3 homes on the Island(so no one ever knows exactly where he is) that began pointing out my accent(Southern)...I can't imagine what he was taal-kin about??Anyway, I finally asked where he was originally from; frinkin' Arkansas!!!! I was like, WHAT,and you're talking about ME? Anyway,back to the SUV w/LOTS of stuff in it!! Six of us & Goliath get in ,which was a interesting to say the least, & head over to Leslie's. We get there & Terry announced that she thought it looked like they had gone to sleep.Well, that did NOT stop Peter from bounding from the car & to the door where Leslie & family were quietly watching a Fantastic 4 video & guess what else??It turns out that Leslie & Husband own 2 of the best restaurants on Island ,1 being the 'Galleon' where they are Peter's bosses !!! They procced to jump-up & start pulling fresh pasta w/sauce,baked chicken w/small potatoes & a wonderful salad out & served us a FABULOUS meal;of course Peter is in trouble w/a capital 'T',with everyone....but in his defense I cannot wait to eat @ their restaurants!!Thanks guys! Okay,back in the SUV ( all of us a little heavier than the 1st time) & back to the Divi to join back up w/Judy & Tom who had for some reason decided to miss this madness & eat there & watch the Big Screen & not run & wake people up & make them fix us Dinner.A great time was had by all!!!

Logzie said...

Sounds FANTASTIC!!!!!

I am SO jealous! I can't wait for the next post and the update from Gigi was great too...women have so many more 'must have' details!! :0)

Ali said...

Wow! (Insert long, low whistle) That sounds like an awesome day! And Gigi, I appreciate your point of view, I hope we get to hear from you all the time!
It must have been wonderful to get a reception like that at the airport - Hunnicutt for President? Hmmmm, not a bad idea - I know this frozen Canadian girl who would be willing to write all your speeches, for the small fee of flying her down to the warmth so she can defrost her hands! ;)
Have a wonderful time - I'm excited to hear more!

Amos said...

So tonight I took a hot bath dreaming that I was on the beach in St. Croix in the warm weather. Sounds dreamy. Well, then the dim light above the bath tub went off and the dream was over. Sounds like heaven there.