Oh I Love To Laugh

There is nothing like a good laugh. I love to laugh. I almost literally died laughing once, while watching the Rhino Scene on a Jim Carey movie.

I was in the living room watching the movie and started laughing hysterically to the point where I fell on the floor and I couldn’t get my breath. Gigi came rushing in thinking I was having a seizure or something.

The thought of the Rhino scene still makes me laugh.

Today, I was with my friends having lunch together and we laughed a lot, at stupid stuff. That was fun too.

I even played a practical joke today on a CPA buddy of mine down the hall. You see, he is expanding his office space right now. The new space is adjacent to the old space, but they haven’t busted through the wall yet.

Where they will bust through is his server room. He is very proud of his new Dell server that resides there.

When he was showing me the new space yesterday, I noticed a few small holes on the backside of his server room.

Today, me and another adolescent acting 50 year when to the new space that is being built. I took a can of compressed air and we blasted air through the tiny opening in the back of the server room. There was silence, then a commotion. The door flung open to see what the problem was with the server. An argument of sorts ensued.

My buddy and I stood in the dark and just giggled silently. Next we blasted again and ran from the space to avoid getting caught.

Tomorrow I will do the same but this time I plan to set off my camera flash at the same time.

Oh this is fun.


Terri said...

That is hysterical! Exactly the type of thing I would be involved in if someone came up with that idea in my office!

Ali said...

Hahaha - that story made me laugh out loud! Isn't it great to be immature sometimes? That sounds just like something I would do to harass someone!

Anonymous said...

I had not seen the rhino scene, but clicked on it to view. Even without sound it was too funny.
I sat at my computer by myself in tears from laughing so much. Can't wait to show Michael when he gets home....