You've Never Heard of Debloating?

Last night my body began the gradual process of debloating.

Whenever I travel by air, my body swells a bit. My shoes and wedding ring get tighter.

A few years ago I read about airline travel potentially giving you a condition called deep vein thrombosis. In a nut shell, you can form dangerous blood clots in the deep veins of your calves and thighs when you travel by air. I put two and two together and just know I am a candidate for DVT. Take a look at my calves in the pictures on a previous post and you’ll see my concern. My calves look like bowling pins. I just know that somewhere in that big old calf that a blood clot is forming. Therefore, when I fly, I move as much as possible on a plane and drink a lot of fluid.

Here comes the debloating part. All that fluid has to go somewhere. During the night following a long flight, I awaken suddenly and frequently with emergency bladder bells and whistles going off. Last night was no exception.

Today my ring and shoes are loose. No more bloating from too much sun, beer, and flying. Today I switch back from real vacation to mental vacation and prepare to go back to the salt mines tomorrow.

I gotta run. The final round of Pebble Beach is on.