Grief is the Price You Pay for Love

Never did this statement mean more to me than when I think about that crazy little Border Collie that I lost to cancer over a year ago.

Galaxy was more to me than another pet dog. Galaxy exuded love to whom ever she met. I wanted her life to mean something more than the loss of a cherished companion. Galaxy was special. She was my friend. She loved me and I loved her.

When Galaxy died, she broke my heart and my spirit for a while. Eventually her death motivated me to honor her brief life by helping other dogs who needed help. How could I honor her and help other dogs that need help?

I still haven’t exactly figured out how to use her life and death for the good of others. I am still very motivated on finding the solution.

Before Galaxy died, I asked my sister Judy to paint a portrait of Galaxy. Judy took my favorite photo of Galaxy and rendered the most beautiful painting of her.

After her death, I wanted a copy of her portrait to hang in the oncology department of the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine where Galaxy was aggressively treated for her cancer. The university gladly accepted my gift and asked me to write an article about her life for their winter 2007 CVM Magazine.

I wrote an article for the magazine and my new friend Ali (who many know and love) gladly edited my text.

The article was published a few days ago and I received my copy of the magazine yesterday.

Here is the article in .pdf format. I hope you enjoy.


Logzie said...

Very nice article Reggie! It's obvious how much you loved Galaxy! He sounds like a great doggie! I am sorry for your loss.

Amos said...

Wow Reggie, that is awesome. And Judy, the painting is amazing. What a nice thing to do. I'm sure you inspired someone else to go out and give a pooch a loving home.

Anonymous said...

Well, of course, it's with tears in my eyes that I read your tribute to Galaxy and respond.
There are certain people (and I know dogs are people in different types of bodies) that teach us things we will never forget. Even though I never met Galaxy, I feel as if I know her through some sort of spiritual connection. I feel her energy when I hear or read her name. You guys are great doggy parents and I hope you know she is happily chasing whatever she wants to where she is. She knows she is with you in spirit and waits patiently, as all good dogs do, for the day when you will all be reunited....