Isn't a Deal a Deal?

I have been wanting to buy an old convertible SUV ever since our last trip to the islands. Heck, I wanted a Jeep since my old college days. I just love the openness, the uncomfortableness, and the fun associated with driving down the road in the open air.

Last week we had a deal to buy a 1986 4Runner from a girl that Gigi met at the tack (horse supplies) store. She asked us to call her Sunday morning after 10 AM and we could meet and buy the car. We told her we would take the truck sight unseen and agreed to a price. With these old 4Runners you can actually pull off the hard top roof. Gigi owns a 1987 4Runner.

The hour arrived and we called the girl. Her husband answered and said, “Sorry dude, I sold it Friday”. Gigi and I were livid. I had already mentally cleaned out the nursery for our new arrival. I had pictured Gigi and I and the dogs riding around in the sun laughing and yakking it up.

So a few days ago I found a little red 1989 Wrangler Jeep. I called the guy and arranged to meet him. I was ready to buy at his price if the Jeep was near as nice as he described in the ad.

Last night I collected cash for the transaction, hurried Gigi along so she could dive back while I drove the new Jeep home. We drove to the north of the city during rush hour and I arrived on time to see the Jeep. It was a classic.

I looked the Jeep over, I asked questions, test drove it and said I would take it. He then said he promised that he wouldn’t sell it until this other guy from Wilmington had a chance to look at it.

What? I thought the Jeep was for sale. I had the bills in my pocket, we had agreed to a price and then he holds off for some other guy in another city that he doesn’t know for some future date? If the guy drives up from Wilmington after me are you going to sell it to him for the same price? What an idiot. What a waste of mine and Gigi’s time.

Is not a deal a deal anymore?

Sorry to have wasted you time Gigi.


Okay…I take back the ugly thoughts I was having. The guy called me back and said we have a deal. I hope to pick up this red beauty this afternoon. Ah…just in time for spring.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that really stinks, Reg. Times two. I know I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I pulled stunts like that.
And it always amazes me how some people have no concept when it comes to wasting other people's time. Are they clueless, or are they just real jerks?

Anonymous said...

That guy is crazy!!!

MELackey said...

I would have offered a few Franklin's less just for the hassle. Did he at least deliver it to you to save you another trip?

Peach Pod said...

I like it! I'm particularly fond of the rooftop cargo thingy. Not because I would ever use it but because it looks cool!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

The roof thingy is very cool. I am dying to toss a tire up there and look more cool.

Logzie said...

Hopefully he won't keep you up all night long...

(trying to make a you mentioned getting the nursery's a stupid joke...I'll stop now!) :0)

Amos said...

Good grief, maybe you should've taken the dogs with you on the transaction and told them to sig em when he said that.

Jeeps are fun, we rode around with some friends in some back country, it was a blast. I can just see Gigi's hair flying in the wind already! Enjoy!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

All the dogs would do is thump their tails and pant. I love to ride in a Jeep.