A Love Lost?

What’s the big deal about the Internet? Before I went on my vacation, I would/could spend endless hours reading and surfing the Internet, completely enthralled and entertained.

Likewise, Gigi would be on her laptop doing the same for hour on end throughout most any weekend. Surfing the Internet is not the only thing we did, it was what we did between other things normal people do. It was our version of reading the paper, watching the news and shopping all in one. We both seemed to have this down to an enjoyable pattern.

Now that we are home, we are trying to rediscover what exactly consumed so much of our time just as little as ten days ago.

Yesterday I woke up and checked my email. I’ll get 80 or so overnight with 79 being spam. Okay, that took a minute.

Then I read my blogs that I read. Only three of you posted overnight. They were all good. I even commented on Zigs. Whew three minutes consumed.

I look at the news. There in front of me was the same old recycled shit day after day, just like before I left for vacation. Gloom doom and despair. It is basically spam news.

I spend a few minutes filtering out the spam news from real news and there are on or two items of real news that interest me.

Anna Nicole really seemed to have a thing for old men didn’t she?

I’m spending a few minutes now writing down my thoughts while I let a division of border collies out to expel their night water. Man oh man those dogs missed us and I missed them.

Well…I’ve killed a few minutes all in front of the PC. I definitely am not going to sit by the pool or ocean today and doubt if I’ll do any dirt snorkeling.

Off to work I go. Maybe we will rediscover the love we had of the Internet.


Terri said...

I've suspected that I may have an internet addiction such as you've described. Now I know I just need a nice vacation to cure it. Although I think it would also help if winter would just move along and let spring take it's place.

mr zig said...

People... the internet is not bad for you!!! It is therapeutic! - The internet loves you - don't fail it now by decided you don't love it as much anymore.... give it another chance, it will prove to be a fullfilling relationship....