Utility Poles

When I was a kid we called every utility pole a telephone pole. I still call them telephone poles even though they may carry power, telephone and television cable.

You look at any city and you see these ugly wooden poles up and down each street. How archaic is that?

In St Croix the wiring on their utility poles is down right scarey.

My brain somehow filters out these ugly utility poles unless I manually shut off the utility pole filter. Then the true backwardness and ugliness of the poles comes forward. Take a look at your cityscape with that pole filter off and you’ll see what I mean.

When I was a kid I used to like to smell utility poles. Back then they treated the poles with a cancer causing agent called creosol. I loved the pungent petroleum smell of creosol. I used to like the smell of high sulfur diesel fumes too. I hope that childhood pleasure doesn’t lead to my early demise.

Today I am concerned for my utility poles. I live at the end of a street, at the end of a long line of utility poles. I hope the ice will stay away and keep my power and internet running. I am the last to get restored when the power goes down.


Anonymous said...

Reggie, I am so much like you. You and I smell things other people don't. I love the smell of piers. I think that is similiar to utility poles.
Soon we will be smelling the wonderful air in St. Croix.