Passing on to Paradise

Today is groundhog day whoo hoo! Come on sweet spring please.

I am in the last 24 hours of before I pass on to paradise without having to die. Yes friends the hour is upon me. We go to my tropical outpost in the Caribbean at 11:08 tomorrow morning.

Let’s recap, can we, on my plans to be prepared? (Insert dreamy harp music here) As you may recall I had this list. On the list were tasks to be done, and things to be packed, so by now, I could relax and simply drive to the airport. I have tweaked the list and tasks slightly, but all is on schedule. My last task is to take Boscoe to the baby sitter today, and run the vacuum one last time tomorrow.

Did Gigi even make a list? No, but she assured me that she had means to her method. Her method it turns out is the last minute panic pack.

So while I’ll be sitting around this evening with a cocktail self actualizing, she will be in the throws, or grouchy (no less) panic packing that always leads to mistakes.

Yes, I’m feeling smug.

Oh! I almost forgot we are in Black History Month too. A busy time of year along with Ground hog Day and packing.


Amos said...

Oh if only I could jump in the suitcase and head to paradise too! It is rather chilly here today. Well, not as cold as Winnepeg but single digits and humid cold are different.

I would love to park my butt on the beach and sift the sands between my toes.

Have a great time you two.