Winter Denial

I live most of my winter in complete denial. I dress lightly, often without a coat of any kind. I depend on preheating the truck and dashing between heated spaces to remain comfortable.

I am forced to give in to the reality winter when a storm like the one we having today hits. So, this morning I dug out my heavy down coat that I have owned for three years but never worn. I put on insulated boots that I have owned for four years and worn once to a football game. I have a pair of Carolina Panthers mittens that I have never worn but wore today.

I donned all of this gear to blaze out 20 miles to take Gigi to a 10:30 appointment at the doctor’s office. It is not that cold but the whole scene is oppressive. I had given in to winter.

The roads here have a 3 inch layer of snow and freezing rain has covered that surface. Not a problem though. I lived five years in a snowy climate so I know how to drive on this stuff.

So I put my truck in 4 wheel drive and cautiously headed down the road in full winter gear. My truck started sliding sideways about ½ mile from home, without any braking or stupid moves. Gigi and I looked at each other and said, “@%#! it”. We turned around and headed home.

Here I sit, watching Zig type and blogging. Sounds like a good day for a nap.


mr zig said...

Watching me type and blog? at 10:50 am - oops busted... uh... I was taking an early lunch and blogging during my lunch.. yeah.. uh an early lunch! thats it... hehe