Away We Go!

So how do you pack up 4 dogs, a bird and two people, travel 350 miles and unpack?

Think of the Apollo moon missions of the 1970’s.

We are all enclosed in the cab with Cedie, Haley, Reggie and Bosoce in the front. Gigi, Duke, and the full figured Peaches are in the back seat.

Turn on the AC and the Satellite radio to the 60’s station and go.

Reggie and Boscoe (notice him cleaning himself on the headrest) heading down the road. Boscoe has logged thousands of miles from this vantage point.

Cedie in the forground and Gigi in the background doing "Gigi stuff".

This is my view going down the road. The tandem bike is loaded up front. I look between the seats.


Anonymous said...

You must not be easily distracted. I'd be all over the road with all the pets, and that bike in the front! I can barely change the CD in the player without swerving onto the shoulder.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Did I mention I was taking pictures too?

MELackey said...

After reviewing your pics, I think I have a way to hel;p out with the aerodynamics of your rig, and help achieve optimal fuel mileage.

Rotate the bicycle seats 90 degrees counter-clockwise. This would put the pointy end into the wind, then your truck and trailer can "draft" in the wake of the seats.

Seriously, looks like you guys are loaded up for fun. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

The fact that you were taking pictures somehow escaped my attention! What? Did I think one of the dogs what that talented??? I'm impressed Reg!