Blogging at 35,000 Feet

I got lucky tonight getting on my flight on such short notice.

When I booked this flight I had a ton of American Miles so I upgraded the seats to first class. First class is way worth the miles it takes to upgrade. It is not however worth what it takes in real money.

I feel so snobby going first class. You get to board the aircraft first ahead of old ladies in wheelchairs and walkers. You sit down in a big comfy chair and the crew treats you nice. They help you stow you carry on bags.

Then you get to sit and watch the “walk of shame” as the rest of the passengers go by you gazing around our cabin and then slowly amble to the back of the plane in the cheap seats.

Then the flight attendant brings you a ceramic dish of warm mixed nuts while she grabs me a glass of cabernet in a real glass, free of course.

Our bathroom is private. The front bathroom is for the first class passengers only.

Oh my heavens! I just saw a fly. It had to have come from those coach passengers.

You have so much room to stretch out in first class. This is not a huge deal for me since I am all of 5’7” standing erect as possible. But the room is nice anyhow.

We still get a real meal in first class with cloth napkins and then a steamy hot towel to clean you afterwards. They must think we eat like King Edward or something to nee a wet towel.

Oh and I’ll be the first to get off the plane ahead of all the old ladies too.

I sure do enjoy this treat.

But all goods things must end. I am scheduled to fly to St Croix the second week in September. This time it will be back to coach.