Girl Appointments and Boy Appointments

I can make an appointment with a guy like, “I’ll meet you at 11:30 AM on Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at Fort Christian Brew Pub. I’ll be out-front at one of the outdoor tables. What is your phone number just in case something happens?”

Something happening means I died or someone else died, or I am on the way to dying, or a major transportation route is clogged, and cannot make the appointment. Either way I’ll call. Enough said.

I’ll be there at the appointment and there is no need to follow up to make sure the appointment is still good. If I said I’ll be there, then I will be there. It’s in my calendar, stamped in stone.

Women set appointments that decay in reliability with each passing day. I rarely set an appointment further out that a week with any woman with one exception.

Most of the time I hear scenario like this. “Darling, is so-and-so all set to house sit while we are on vacation?”

I know perfectly well that the appointment was made for house sitting; I am simply invoking the procedure to get the girly stuff out of the way to firm up a girly appointment.

“I don’t know, I haven’t heard from so-and-so.”

Ah, the classic required girls follow up to confirm that indeed the appointment you made earlier still lingers think on the calendar.

“Well, are you going to call so-and-so to make sure she is still house sitting?”

I short circuit the procedure and called so-and-so myself. Otherwise this step would drag out for days. It saves a lot of time this way. You see, my ability to travel for a week hinges on the availability of the house sitter.

“So-and-so? Are you all set to house sit for us over the 4th?”

“When were those exact dates again?”

See? She too is running a decaying girl calendar. She didn’t write the dates down, she isn’t aware of any potential conflicts, heck she is house sitting for 10 days.

Finally I firm up the appointment and make an intermediate appointment for “orientation”. The sole goal of orientation is to freshen up the real appointment a few days later.



Logzie said...

I guess I am not a typical girl in that way then. I too have the calendar that is set in stone and I too get irritated when someone calls to 'make sure' we are still on for something. If we made the plans and I did not call and cancel them then YES we are still on!

The other thing is when the doctor's or dentist's office calls to "confirm" the appointment. That drives me NUTS. If I made the appointment...THEN I WILL BE THERE!


Ali said...

I have never forgotten an appointment yet...but I do appreciate those calls from the dentist that I've got an appointment for a teeth cleaning - 6 months in between is a long time to remember.
My method of remembering is this - I have sticky notes of every shape and colour all over my computer, walls and car telling me about appointments. It's messy but it works.

Ali Kat said...

No way! This is all backwards, Reggie. It's the guys who are completely unorganized and unreliable!

Alyssa said...

I have to agree with Ali Kat on this one - although I myself am a "forgetter" (I'd never make a dentist appointment without that confirmation call), it is the guys I know that are prone to say, "yeah, that sounds like it'll work." And while I always consider it "planned", I often find out that it was only a rough idea - nothing is actually planned until that day.

I do have one girlfriend who is also like that, now that I think about it. We make "plans" but they're not actually set until, like, the day before.

So maybe planners and non-planners can't really break up into boys and girls. Maybe it's more, like, personality style.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more.

It still amazes me that I get a call from the dentist office 3 days before my appointment to confirm my appointment. I made the appointment didn't I? If I was not going to make it I would call you. Why would you assume you need to confirm an appointment?

Then I don't call back to confirm it and get there and they tell me I will have to wait since I didn't confirm it. Isn't the initial making of the appointment confirmation that you will be there?