Good Day

It was a long day, but a fun day. By the way, you never see me post past 10 PM because I am normally sawing logs by now.

I play a very crappy game of golf with two nice strangers this morning.

I came home, ate lunch with Gigi. She went shopping and I took a nap.

Meanwhile, relatives start trickling in town. Yesterday it was my sister and her husband. Then today, my nephew and his wife came into town. Later this afternoon came Gigi’s cousin and her husband, along with her aunt and uncle. Her other cousin and wife and kids will be here tomorrow and with my friends from Charlotte and their kids. Plus there was Peach Pod and Monkey boy and the soon to be ex, plus Gigi’s father.

We went out for supper and came back to sit outside and have coffee and cake.

Eventually the crowd moved inside my RV and that’s when I went deaf. There were like 6 conversations going on at once at the top of their lungs and I could understand a single word said.

Uncle Wendell was screaming at me, while Gigi and Diane screamed right beside me. Mark was screaming and his Dad and someone else was screaming in the bedroom.

Still it was all fun. People just don’t sit outside anymore, but we do when we are camping. My sister commented that if we were all in a hotel, then we would all be sitting in out individual room right now missing all this fun.

I just cleaned up the mess and made coffee for the morning.

Ah, I love vacation and summer. See you tomorrow. Or as Ali says, I bid you adieu.


Anonymous said...

I go deaf when there's too much going on , too. I just usually smile and nod and hope I don't look too stupid.
Sounds like your having a great time!