Godly Wisdom and Humor

It really bugs me when lay people quote Bible verses to me when they are trying to make a point. However I personally find great comfort in familiar verses.

One that comes to my mind this week is “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye, with never a thought for the great plank in your own?”

This verse shows great wisdom and fantastic humor. How could anyone forget this?


mr zig said...

The Bible verse quoting people bug me as well... especially when they use the bible verses completely out of context and skew the meanings to argue their idiotic views - oh man, does that bug me!

on the other hand, I do not mind when someone quotes the Bible - correctly, and with the correct meaning - as a form of guidance to me - thats cool with me.

Logzie said...

Amen brothers!! :0)