Favorite Time of the Year

I love this time of year.

Maybe it’s because my birthday is this week. I like the long days and the hot temperatures too. It will be humid and 96 here today. I somehow like nature’s steam bath.

I also like that everything growing outside is at it peak from now until the first week of July. In mid July you see a gradual decline until autumn.

We had a very hard freeze (21) over Easter weekend and it did a lot of damage to the tree foliage. I thought everything would recover but it didn’t. Several species of trees and shrubs have a burned look to them and oh how I long for some fresh local peaches. The entire crop was destroyed.

I am excited about taking some extended time off to be with family and friends just minutes from some good golf courses.

Oh! I got the deal of the century yesterday. I’ve wanted an overhead sound bar for my Jeep. A nice sound bar costs $250! That is ridiculous.

After all I only paid $3000 for the Jeep and I have spent $2,000 on seats, tires, interior spray over, and other upgrades. Gigi just rolls her eyes when I say the Jeep only cost me $3000.

But the old sound system in the Jeep is almost nonexistent. One speaker barely works and the radio changes stations on its own. I can get a decent little system with speakers for less than $200 uninstalled. But I really wanted an overhead sound bar with thunderous speakers.

So yesterday I was just browsing through the clearance section of my Jeep parts dealer when I saw my coveted sound bar on clearance for $99! Yes Timmy, there is a Santa Clause.


Anonymous said...

Giving Timmy a Christmas gift for your birthday...what a guy!! Hey Reg, we'd send you some johnny cakes or stew goat for your birthday, but we don't have your postal address.

Michael said...

Nice Find Reg.

I haven't even bothered to look for stereos for Land Rovers. We'd have to turn it up so high, to cover the engine/transmission/rattle noise, we'd be deaf in a week.

But if you come across some ear-plugs, hook us up!

Logzie said...

I live for good deals!!!!

Chris said...

I haven't been posting as often as I should, so I'll say happy birthday now, just in case I forget.

Ali said...

Reggie!!! What day is your birthday?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

June 20.