Blog People

It’s funny now that I worry about my people and like to know they are safe and put.

So when I saw the storms in Minnesota yesterday, I thought about Terri and hope her and her family are safe.

When its 30 below in Winnipeg, I think about the main Ali, and all the other Ali derivatives, and Zig, and hope they are warm.

Tornados in Oklahoma, thinking of you Amos.

It always seems like Michigan gets crazy crimes that make the National news Logzilla.

I had the chance to meet a fellow blogger yesterday. Tim is a local fellow. I have been reading about his life for a few months when I tossed out an invitation for golf. Being a manly man, he accepted.

We met for lunch and the hottest round of golf this year. Honestly by 16 we were both drained from the heat.

It’s not like you are meeting a stranger. You know a lot about this person.

At the after golf cocktail hour, Tim came up with the best idea that I have heard in years. Come up with a show like American Idol, but the winner ends up being President of the United States.

I think a hybrid between Survivor and American Idol would be the perfect way to pick a President.

America has voted……John McCain….bring me your torch. This makes better sense than how we do it now.

Read Tim’s blog if you can work another one in.


Logzie said...

Awe Reggie...your so sweet, thanks for thinking of me!!!

Just to ease your mind a little bit...the part of Michigan I am in (Holland) is actually a very safe place...low crime rates. :0)

It is funny how much we begin to care about our blog friends isn't it? :0)

Amos said...

You're awesome Reggie. The tornados have only hit the towns of Hogshooter, Herd, and Hichita this year so far. Hmmm, ya know you live in the south and Okie land when you here town names like that, HA! Glad you enjoyed your golf outing, and yes, that does sound like a good idea for President.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for worrying about us Reg! The storms that hit MN never even touched my area. We had some spectacular clouds, and it looked pretty threatening, but nothing ever transpired right here.