Thinking Ahead

Unlike most resorts, and my beloved STX, Jekyll Island is blessed with some of the worst restaurants and service that I have ever seen concentrated on one island.

The only exception is the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. There you will find a 4 star meal at a 4 star price. Across the street and on the wharf is a decent place to eat with decent service and high prices.

Otherwise a tourist should expect inferior service almost everywhere from poorly trained teenagers and food prepared from the same. The exception is the Jekyll Island Campground where they run a fairly tight and responsive ship.

So cooking is vital, if a decent meal is expected. We usually divide supper chores up among couples. In the past few years however, laziness has won, and we resort to eating crappy food on the island or mainland and abandon supper plans and purchased food.

Even the grocery store on the island is a glorified 7-Eleven with exorbitant prices poor selections. So a 30 mile trip to the Super Wal-Mart is required to stock up essentials. (I hate Super Wal-Marts)

One shining light in all of this is the divine taste of the local shrimp. South Georgia shrimp has a very briny, and stronger flavor that their brethren elsewhere. I love the local shrimp and eat as much in as many meals as possible.

I go to the same wholesale seafood place every year in Brunswick and buy my shrimp fresh. There also you will find a variety of fresh deep water fish.

Our crowd is not much into any exotic seafood so I usually just serving up shrimp. We wait until we are by ourselves to eat seared tuna, scallops, and calamari.


Peach Pod said...

I totally agree. The food and grocery at Jekyll suck.

I think you or Gigi should be camp leader and assign nights for cooking. (I would do it but I'm not at the campground.) Make a new rule: Cook your night or buy EVERYONE dinner. I'll start the ball rolling by volunteering for the concert food/dinner on July 1 and I'll be happy to bring food one other night, too. I'll even create a blogger page to track the dates. This way everyone knows way in advance what they need to bring and how to schedule their day when it's time to cook. Just a thought.