A Semi-close One

I met Gigi and Ashley, our hairdresser, for lunch today. We decided to eat outside at our club, at a spot overlooking the 18th green. I love that place. You can see golfers coming over the hill and making their final approach shot.

Where we were was on the second floor of the lounge viewing across the parking lot, and then you on the actual course. The distance is maybe 50 yards from where we were to the green. It makes for an entertaining view.

Ashley asked, “Does anyone ever hit a ball up here?”

I sneered at her lack of knowledge and said, “It would be darn near impossible to get hit up here. They would have to have a terrible shot to hit up here.”

We watched a fellow making his approach shot and I loss sight of the ball. It didn’t drop on the green.

Suddenly we heard, “POP” as the golf ball bounced 10 feet from us on the pavement and headed over the clubhouse. It landed on the pool deck on the other side and splashed into the kiddy pool. No one was hurt.