I Like to Travel

Gigi and I were married 12 years before we took, or could afford, a real vacation that we paid for.

Gigi worked for the airlines so we had a few vacations that were compensated by Eastern Airlines. Still, we were poor, and couldn’t afford much once we got there, even though we traveled free and stayed at the hotel for free. We ate cheaply and didn’t get to travel around much.

I used to work 6 days a week and dreaded holidays. I was a workaholic and only felt comfortable working. It was not uncommon for me to work 12 hours a day. I even used to go by the office at 6 AM on Sunday before church.

I took my first vacation as a married man in the summer of 1991. We rented a house for $500 on the coast of North Carolina for a full week. It changed my life.

From that time on I was motivated by free time and fun, no longer by money.

Since then I have had more free time and more money to play.

We bought our first camper in 1992. It was a 20 foot travel trailer and albeit small, it had all the comforts of home. We were now free to take more leisure time on the cheap and take our pets.

We started taking our annual Jekyll Island trip in 1992. We have traveled from Maine to Florida in the RV.

In 1996 we upgraded to a 32 foot travel trailer, and then our latest RV this year.

We started traveling more on business in the early 1990’s mainly to the west coast, LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Napa, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Dallas, and Santa Fe. Plus a few trips on the other side of the continent to St Louis, Chicago, New York, Boston and Toronto.

Our international travel was limited to a few trips to Mexico and Aruba.

Mexico is beautiful but slummy. I don’t like people begging from me 24/7 and have this avoidance of wanting to get deathly sick on the water and food. We haven’t been back to Mexico in many years.

Aruba was okay but it is so dry and so different culturally. I never felt safe there.

Then, in 2003 we were invited as a last resort fill-in couple to join a group of couples renting a house in St Croix, VI. I really didn’t want to go thinking it would be like Mexico or Aruba.

You know the rest of the story. I love the place. We already have our 9th and 10th trip to the island planned. I feel at home there and have the most wonderful friends there. I meet new friends every trip.


Ali said...

I love that story...it makes me optomistic that one day I won't be so addicted to work and that Chris and I won't cringe everytime there is a bill to pay. Ah, one day.
Hmmm, maybe one day you will start making annual trips to another country...like, oh I don't know...maybe...Canada? ;)

mr zig said...

Hey - Ali beat me to it - I was just going to say, when are you going to RV across Canada? Oh, its a pretty nice place... and right in the center of this great country you will find a couple pretty cool people as well! (Winnipeggers)

krista said...

Ricky and I took our first trip together last summer after 12 years of marriage and 14 years being together. It was the longest time we'd spent together at all without either of us working (2 weeks). He was (is?) a workaholic, working 6-7 days a week and 12 and over hours a day. You have given me hope that maybe there is a possiblity of him changing (maybe the heart attack will lead to good things).

Anonymous said...

We're so glad you were able to fill in for those folks and discover our little island. Can't wait to see you guys again!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Ali and Zig...we could that except in the winter. I barely do winter here.

Krista, there is hope. The world can and does run without him. He must realize this first to relax.

Terry, glad you guys are back! I can build decks down there. Around the pool?