The Deal of the Week

I played hooky today from work. I was available by phone, but stayed in cargo shorts and flip flops and didn’t go into the office.

This afternoon I took Gigi to Salisbury, NC to get her knee x-rayed. Salisbury is where her doctors are.

We stopped in Concord at the local Food Lion grocery store for some Cokes. I meandered over to the wine section and saw two grocery carts full of 50% discounted wine.

Usually those wines are cheap crap and taste like ass at best. These however were superb wines at ½ price. These poor little rednecks had no idea what they were throwing away. I started loading my cart.

I got $15 to $28 bottles at ½ price. Not only was that, all the vintages were at least 5 years old.

At check out I asked why? She said that wine was old.

Isn’t that the point with bold reds?

I’m so excited about my deal.


Anonymous said...

cool blog

Logzie said...

Fabulous Finds are everywhere!!!

Ali said...

"Usually those wines are cheap crap and taste like ass at best."

Oh I am clapping my hands in glee! Reggie has begun to notice that things taste like ass!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes Ali, you have taken it to a new level. First there is, “It tastes like crap”. This is negative, but not strong enough. Then there is, “It tastes like shit”. Stronger in disgust, yet not as deep and hopeless as, “It tastes like ass”.

A person can get by on the previous two, but the last one you simply turn and walk away.