Lighten Up

I will pretty much talk to anyone anytime about just anything. It’s ever better if I can introduce humor and make a stranger laugh.

What better place to talk to a bunch of strangers than a big, crowded campground.

This open approach does backfire on me from time to time.

Just yesterday I saw a father instructing his prepubescent daughter on how to dump the sewer in an RV. First of all, girls don’t do this, only men do this. Second, she looked very bored at his instruction as he was holding up this giant sewer hose.

I went outside and said, “Teaching your daughter the finer points of the sewer arts?”

To which I expected a smile or laugh. This was a completely appropriate campground comments since we all deal with getting rid of poop.

In turn, he looked at me like I just asked him to sell his daughter to me, and she looked at me like I was the biggest pervert she had ever seen. It was good that they were leaving.

Then just a moment ago I was headed to buy a few bags of ice to keep my beer cold. I must drink that beer soon so I won’t have to keep chilling it. Anyway I was thinking about what a rip off ice is.

So I see this guy buying two bags and I say, “I’ve got to warn you pal. I bought three bags yesterday and they all turned to water. It’s a rip off.”

He looked at me like was the dumbest shit he had ever laid eyes on.

Lighten up people.


Anonymous said...

I love it when strangers make friendly, funny comments. Makes the world seem less intimidating than it sometimes is. I hope you won't let those stick-in-the-muds' reactions keep you from continuing to share your humor.

Peach Pod said...

I need to follow you around and become the laugh track to your life because I thought both of these were funny.

Anonymous said...

I like to make funny little remarks about things, too. But usually people just don't get it. You just have to think of them as the inferior ones, that's all. A lot of times Crucians laugh, but they laugh at everything, so you're not quite sure if you've told a brilliant one, or if they're laughing at you rather than with you. Keep having fun!!

Ali said...

Yeah - we're alike that way. I am forever talking to strangers and throwing in comments where I think they are warranted.
I have occassionaly gotten the response you did - not that I'm a pervert, but the other one.
For both of those I would have laughed - but that ice one had me wiping tears out of my eyes.
I can't wait till we meet in person, you can bet that I'll laugh the entire time, you'll be deaf from my laugh.