Wanting two used toilets cheap!

From Craig’s List this morning: “Wanting two used toilets cheap! Will pay cash!”

Wow! This is tempting. I own three toilets. I would still have one toilet leftover, two holes in the floor and cash!

What are some people thinking? It would never occur to me in a million years to solicit used toilets and refuse any other means of exchange except cash.

This puts the fellow at a disadvantage. Suppose I had two used toilets that I am will to sell but wanted the purchaser to finance for them 12 months. I definitely wouldn’t call him because he is a cash man.

If I had two available used toilets, I would gladly give them away. I took two to the land fill a few years ago.

Oh well, back to Craig’s list.


Logzie said...

Hmmm...some people! ??