Four Things

Four Jobs I’ve Had

Gandy Dancer

Four Movies I Can Watch Over & Over

Star Wars, Episode IV
Master and Commander
Christmas Vacation
Cool Hand Luke

Four Places I’ve Lived

Durham, NC
Boone, NC
Charlotte, NC
Midland, NC

Four Places I’ve Vacationed

St Croix, VI
Napa, CA
Every Beach from VA/NC border to South GA except Hilton Head, SC

Four of My Favorite Dishes

Coquille St Jacques (oh sweet Moses)
Yellow layer cake with chocolate icing
Grilled salmon with lemon sauce
Fresh SC peaches with cream (I will not have them this year because of a late Easter freeze)

Four Sites I Visit Daily

Wall Street Journal
Google Reader
My Yahoo
Google Finance

For Places I Would Rather Be Right Now

Cane Bay having drinks with friends and my wife at any of the beach front bars
Oakville, CA at the roadside Oakville grocery having lunch with friends and my wife and looking at the vineyards
Snorkeling in the clear Caribbean sea over a reef
Making a birdie on any golf course


Anonymous said...

Coquilles St. Jacques is one of my favorites, too. In fact, I've been wanting to make some since we got home. I got some nice asparagus today, so we'll enjoy some yummy scallops tomorrow for dinner.
It's nice that you've had diverse temporary occupations. I think everyone should wait tables for a while in their lives so they can see how difficult it sometimes is(especially people like Michael's dad, who is clueless about it).

Michael said...

If Terry doesn't feel like cooking when you're here, the new place that took over the old south shore cafe down the road from us, Cafe Kaleidescope, has Coquilles St. Jacques on the menu. Terry tried em and liked em. They also make a great filet, and good soups, and salads. Everything we've had there has been good. Even the Tiramisu, and I'm not usually fond of Tiramisu.