Some Plans Work, Some Plans Don't Work

My Sunday didn’t turn out at all like I had planned. Gigi and I were to meet a couple for a late morning brunch, followed by a leisurely round of golf.

Well, it rained, and we got lazy.

We haven’t had any rain in a month so I couldn’t complain.

But I was craving a seafood omelet like I get at the Golden Rail Café at the St Croix marina, so I really missed not going to brunch.

Gigi watched a movie; I listened to reggae and just relaxed the day away.

In less than a month we head to our second favorite island of Jekyll Island, GA. Jekyll is a quintessential low country island, dripping with history and Spanish moss. Not to mention mile upon mile of paved bike trails, golf courses, beaches, and natural forests. Jekyll is undeveloped, but may not stay that way. We have vacationed there every year since 1992.

I have to head off to Dallas in mid June for a week on a business conference. I’ll be home two days, then off to Jekyll for 10 days.

We are literally packing the RV now so the return trip home from Dallas won’t be so stressful. We have stuff in the freezer, and can and boxed goods in the pantry. I stowed away some fans yesterday for outdoor living.

Jekyll in late June/July is breathtakingly hot and humid. Call me crazy but I like it that way.

We have fun though. Our families converge at the Jekyll Island Campground. Everyone brings their RV. We eat together, ride bikes together, eat, talk and eat. And there is a lot of talking too…did I mention that?

I get to see my nephew and sister-in-law and go to the lighthouse concerts on St Simon’s Island.

This year my nephew J, and his new bride are coming for the weekend to camp. They tent camp. My God that must be hot at night.

I am fortunate to have married into a great bunch of relatives. They are all like blood relatives to me. And they are about as “diverse” as my family.

Oh, one other thing. Because of the drought conditions there is a burning band on the island. I doubt seriously there will be enough rain by then to lift the ban. This ban interferes with my grilling. I am a charcoal man and don’t own a gas grill. Gas is okay under the ban but charcoal isn’t. I must grill.

So I bought a Weber Q120 propane grill. It looks like what I need and delivers the heat like charcoal. We have to have grilled burgers and hotdogs over the 4th. Plus it’s darn fun to grill on the beach.

I wish I could get my Jeep down there too.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fantastic vacation. I'm not much for camping, but I've seen your R.V. and I think I could manage under those conditions!