Engineering, Monkeys, and Computers

As you know I love to grill. I consider myself a purest. I like to charcoal grill and shun even the talk of a gas grill being in the same league as charcoal grilling.

In about three weeks we will head to South Georgia for our annual 10 day Jekyll Island vacation which includes Reggie taking his charcoal grill.

This year I have been warned by both the campground manager and Peach Pod that there is a burning ban on in South Georgia and no charcoal grills are allowed. Only gas grills are allowed.

See! Even the State of Georgia doesn’t consider gas grilling real grilling or even a fire threat.

So I did my research to find what I though was the best compact gas grill out there and I bought a Weber Q120. It should arrive today via UPS.

Yesterday, I bought the companion grill stand at Home Depot. I must tell you this stand is an engineering feat, a work of art. This thing folds flat for storage, fits any of their Q grills, and even folds out to pull you grill along on the two wheels like luggage.

Oh I was fantasizing about dragging around that grill to games, the beach, and the vineyards. I may become a gas man yet.

Moving right along; I am getting Phil Mickelson titties and I hate that. I guess man boobs are a 50s thing that I’ll have to deal with. Oh how cool is that?

That’s enough for now. I’ll get to the monkey and computer stuff at a later time.


Anonymous said...

If you're going to talk about your man boobs, you really should post a picture. It's only fair.

Logzie said...

LOL -- Terri you are too funny!!

I agree with Terri!


HA! Are there such a thing as Man Bra's for Man Boob's??

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes. Cramer on Seinfeld came up with one Call a Bro instead of bra. He also referred to it as a manzier.

I'm going to keep these babies to pictures.